Why Indigo Maverick


Why Indigo Maverick?

Good question!

The simple answer

I wanted a space I could post my poems and thoughts on where humanity is heading and how to avoid this by raising our consciousness.

The more detailed one

Humanity and our very existence as an autonomous, free thinking, free speaking and free acting species is under threat. Evidence of this is all around us.

The way to reverse this is by raising our individual, and hence, our collective consciousness.

Free Speech

Free speech does not mean free to speak as long as you agree with the ‘official’ narrative. Nor does it mean ‘if you only agree with me’. Free speech means the right to speak ‘your truth’ without fear of censorship or ‘cancellation’.

The Solution

Many advocate revolution. I understand why. Is this the only way though?

I believe not. You cannot fight a situation from the same level of consciousness that created it. In fact I don’t believe ‘fight’ is the right word (or action) at all.

Elevation of Consciousness

Mahatma Gandhi once said:  “You must be the change you wish to see in the world

With that in mind, the only way to lasting peace for all humanity is to lift our consciousness out of fear and all forms of negative thinking. We must replace that with love.

Do all agree with me?

Not yet, far from it. But, the number is growing.

If you do, you may enjoy this: Elevation

No matter where you stand right now, I hope my words give you reason to consider this option and ultimately, reason to hope.

Thanks for reading this far…

Steve (Indigo Maverick)


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