We see that change is needed,

Something must be done,

Loud calls for revolution,

From the rising of the sun.


The weapons of this warfare,

Are not so plain to see,

For the forces massed against us,

Have blinded you and me.


They have us chasing shadows,

And laugh behind our backs,

With fear their greatest weapon,

Relentless in their attacks.


The net they’ve cast upon us,

For flesh and blood not meant,

To hold Souls in their darkness

To trap our essence, it was sent.

Unknown to these dark forces,

The light is gaining ground,

Our consciousness is rising,

Many souls now hear the sound.


This battle is not earthly,

Our weapons they are pure,

Forged with light and spirit,

Our victory is now sure.


As one, we rise above them,

Beyond their schemes and fear,

As light dissolves all darkness,

It’s all a thin veneer.


Rejoice for what’s upon us,

So not what evil planned,

Elevated to God’s likeness

Humanity will stand.


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